Why It Matters

All professional land surveyors have requirements and minimum standards that are mandated by several governing bodies.  However, we believe it is our knowledge, experience, and education that makes a difference.

We know that time is a precious and finite commodity, and that characteristics such as convenience and ease of doing business matter to busy professionals and concerned homeowners alike.  This is important knowledge for any business enterprise.

 Protecting your property is at the root of everything we do. 

We view our function as one of accommodation, as an effort to compile all the necessary information accurately, allowing others to perform their respective individual tasks and to complete projects without interference.

You are entitled to professional service from a licensed land surveyor, as prescribed by various rules and regulations.  Our years of experience have taught us, however, that there is no prohibition against exceeding minimum requirements.  Exceeding expectations is, in fact, encouraged in our company.  Furthermore, there is no restriction on suggesting one checks references.  Indeed, investigating the reputation of any firm you plan to hire is highly recommended.

We continue our professional education, also according to state requirements, just like all our professional peers.  The work we do is rich with learning opportunities and as an organization, we embrace any encounter where knowledge is exchanged.  We are certain to have all the information we need to do the job, when it's time to do the job.

Knowledge.  Experience.  Education.  These are the things that help us help you; these are the things that matter.  When you have a task at hand that carries a certain importance, you are well advised to retain a professional with sufficient experience, one who knows a little something about what's important.