Who We Are

1 summer employee

7 counties regularly served

10 SUNY grads employed

11 full-time employees

149 years in business

159 years experience...

We are pretty much the same as you or anyone else.  We enjoy things, like a good round of golf or a glass of fine wine.  We appreciate being around our friends and families, we love our children.  But we are passionate about our work.

 Reliable professional surveyors with decades of experience & records serving western New York. 

We value qualities like professional knowledge, meticulous training, and ongoing education.  We are quick to share our accumulated wisdom with our clients and our newer employees.  And with each other.

We stand for furthering the performance and reputation of our profession and strive to make our little corner of the world a better place in which to live and raise our families.

We may be your neighbors.  We may have attended the same schools.  You might have seen us in the checkout line at Wegmans, or maybe stuck in traffic on 490.

We are proud to be members of this community.  And after conducting over thirty thousand surveys in western New York, we are very much connected to this community.