What We Do

We have a mission:  We go to work day after day with the intention of providing the highest level of service possible.  We are professional land surveyors.

We rely on our education, experience, and a variety of sophisticated instruments to produce the highest-quality deliverables we can.  Whether it is a relatively simple stakeout or a complex detail map, we strive for excellence.

 We ensure what's yours is yours, we define your room to grow, and draw boundaries to keep you safe. 

Ours is very serious work and we regard it as such.  Yes, we have a listing of the named services we offer, and we do just about everything a licensed land surveying firm can do.  But there is more:  We conduct our business with dignity and integrity.

Our professional responsibilities, in order of priority are: to serve the interests of our clients, to observe and adhere to the tenets of our profession, and finally to further our business as proficient, professional practitioners.

We are in the business of observing, documenting, and recording—with a high degree of accuracy—the transitions from one person's property to the next.  It is such important work that only those who bear required education, training, and state licenses are allowed to conduct or perform a survey.

We treasure the opportunity to serve the community in this capacity.

 This is not a casual occupation.  It is a rigorous profession.