Company History & Timeline

Company History / Timeline:


~1875 through ~1920s

W. C. Gray and William R. Storey

As far as we can tell, this is where the story of our surveying firm began.  We have some suspicions it could have been earlier but so far we have been unable to authenticate anything prior to this.

Circa 1927*

Gray & Smith

W. C. Gray and Meloy Smith collaborated to form Gray and Smith some time during the 1920s.  Research shows a business filing around 1927. *Gray and Smith DBA filed 1/1/1927 according to Monroe County records, Monroe County Clerk’s Office.

Circa 1930s

Meloy Smith

It appears that Meloy Smith was flying solo during most of the 1930s.  Oddly enough, flying solo was quite the rage in that decade.  He remained aware, however, that having a competent partner is a significant advantage.

Circa 1940

Smith & Fitzpatrick

Meloy Smith and Feehan Fitzpatrick partnered toward the end of the 1930s.  It was an effort that lasted for quite a while but we have found no specific end date.

Circa 1960

Smith & Denluck

This rendition of our company was composed of Meloy Smith and George Denluck.  Yes, Mr Smith was around for a long while; his career apparently spanned five decades.

Circa 1970

Denluck, Thomas, McGrail & Associates

Here we are moving into a bit more recent territory.  Some of us actually know what disco music was like when it first came out.  George Denluck, Donald Thomas, and Warren McGrail all joined forces to form this association.


Firm Becomes Denluck-Hyde

David Hyde joined George Denluck as partner.  Denluck-Hyde Engineering and Surveying became a NYS domestic professional corporation on October 28, 1975.  *Date as recorded with the NYS Department of State.


Thomas Rodak First Joins the Firm

Our current president, Thomas A. Rodak, began his association with the firm in 1983.  At that time the firm was known as Denluck-Hyde.


Firm Becomes Denluck-O’Neill

Michael O’Neill joined George Denluck as partner. *Date as recorded with the NYS Department of State.


Advanced Technology

First started using EDM technology with the acquisition of new TopCon Total Solution equipment.


Firm Becomes O’Neill-Rodak

Thomas Rodak joined Michael O’Neill as Partner.  This is the start of our current era, our current company name. *Date as recorded with the NYS Department of State.


Advanced Technology

First self-learning, robotic total station acquired


Scott Measday Comes On Board

Scott Measday first joined O’Neill-Rodak on the 10th of October in 2005 while he attended SUNY College of Technology at Alfred.  His initial position was that of a survey instrument operator.


Advanced Technology

First started using advanced RTK (Real Time Kinematic) technology with acquisition of new rover equipment.


Scott Measday Becomes Partner

On Tuesday, October 21st 2014, Scott Measday joined Thomas Rodak as vice president and partner.


O’Neill-Rodak Website

After several months of concerted effort spearheaded by O’Neill-Rodak VP Scott Measday, the firm has developed and launched as its first venture into cyberspace.