By the Numbers

1 Summer Employee

We value ongoing education and training, but we also value those in the process of gettng an education.  We foster professional development by hiring one or more summer employees each year.

7 Counties Regularly Served

We are licensed and available to conduct surveys anywhere in New york State, but most of our business is in the seven-county regoin surrounding Rochester, New York.

10 SUNY Program Grads

In recent times we have had no fewer than ten of our employees gain their formal education and go on to be graduated from SUNY Programs.

11 Full-Time Employees

Our employee roster varies from time to time, and typically swells a bit during the summer months.  At the moment, we have 11 full-time employees.

149 Years in Business

The records that have been generated by our firm over the years extend back well over a hundred years.  According to the oldest files we have available, our firm in various interations has enjoyed just over 149 Years in Business.

153 Years of Field Experience

This is current information that changes and is updated on a regular basis:  Our employees now have more than 153 years of surveying field experience.